The Origin of EcoParklet

Eco-friendly Terraces

In recent years we have seen many cities move towards decarbonisation through the expansion of pedestrian areas, the discouragement of car use and the proliferation of cycle lanes and green areas. This trend towards the expansion and enjoyment of greener outdoor spaces in the city, a shift that Covid-19 has only served to accelerate, is the mainspring of EcoParklet.

EcoParklet is a means of conquering the pavement and concrete. It is a green oasis, built in wood, where the restaurateur can create a relaxed and inviting ambience so that their customers can relish a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

EcoParklet: Part of a Model of Green Urbanism

EcoParklet is integrated into the eco-city model through the use of FSC-certified wood as the main building material. EcoParklet helps reduce the carbon footprint and bears a positive impact on the environment since trees absorb CO 2 from the atmosphere for their growth.

The EcoParklet Development Team

EcoParklet is the product of the collaboration of two designers and their team from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)
with two companies, Alberch S.A. and Hortalia.

Vicente Guallart

Architect working in project development for eco-cities and buildings all over the world. He founded the IAAC in 2001 and is the director of Valldaura Labs. He was chief architect at Barcelona City Council (2011-15) and spearheaded major transformations in the city. Guallart is the author of numerous books such as The Self-Sufficient City, Geologics and Plans and Projects of Barcelona.

Daniel Ibáñez

Architect and expert in urban design and ecological buildings. He is a Doctor of Design from Harvard University, the Director of the Master in Mass Timber Design and Co- Director of the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities at IAAC, and senior consultant in sustainable constructions at the World Bank.



Company specialised in the supply, production and treatment of wood, equipped with more than 80 years’ experience as one of the country’s main suppliers. It was one of the first Spanish companies to obtain the FSC eco-certification more than 20 years ago. Alberch has carried out major urban development projects for the city of Barcelona such as the Rambla de Mar wooden walkway, the Maremagnum shopping centre and the Horta Velodrome.


Hortalia is a company specialised in the development and digital manufacture of timber products for outdoor use, in the “home” and “contract” sectors. Founded in 2011 to respond to new habits and lifestyles that are healthier, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly, it is a pioneering company in the introduction of the urban garden in wood.

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